Resistance (RTD) compact sensor for industrial process and OEM applications

  • Thread connection
  • Compact housing with built-in transmitter and M12 connector
  • -50…+150°C / -58…+302°F

OPTITEMP TRA-C30 – Standard version

Resistance (RTD) compact sensor OPTITEMP TRA-C30 – Standard version

The OPTITEMP TRA-C30 is a compact resistance sensor (RTD) with optional integrated transmitter and M12 connector. The compact sensor is particularly designed for general-purpose applications of OEM manufacturers, machine builders or in plant engineering where restricted installation space is an issue. The OPTITEMP TRA-C30 is a highly accurate sensor featuring great reliability over the long term, and excellent measuring stability. The compact sensor is suitable for measuring the temperature of liquids, gases and vapour from -50…+150°C / -58…+302°F.

Product highlights

  • Temperature measurement of liquids and gases in confined space
  • Vibration and shock resistant design
  • With M12 connector
  • Sheath: Stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L)
  • Long-term stability: Uncertainty of ±0.1% of span per year
  • With optional built-in transmitter (4…20 mA)

Typical applications

  • Temperature measurement of liquids and gases in pipes or vessels, even at higher pressures and flow velocities
  • Particularly designed for applications of OEM manufacturers where restricted installation space is an issue (e.g. oil bearings on mobile pumps and other machinery)
  • Basic applications in various industries:
    • Plant engineering
    • Machinery and apparatus / OEM


Technical data

Measurement principlesResistance (RTD)
Measured mediaGases, Liquids
Measuring pointMachinery, Pipe, Tank
Measuring insert typeNon-replaceable RTD
Measuring insert replaceableNo
RTD element type1 x Pt100
RTD configuration3-wire, 4-wire (on request)
Temperature sensor connection type optionBuilt-in transmitter, M12 connector
Sheath diametersØ6 mm / 0.23"
Process temperature-50…150°C/


NAMUR complianceNE 21, NE 43


Analogue outputs4…20 mA

Process connections

Thread connectionsMale: